4 Benefits of Sublimation for your Uniforms and Sportswear

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At Custom Sports Jerseys, we offer sublimation printing on our sportswear products. As active sports players ourselves, we love this method of printing: it’s affordable, customizable, and the colors stay bright and true even after repeated washings. 

Sublimation printing is a digital printing process that uses heat to print the objects onto the fabric. The dye permeates the fabrics fully, making for vibrant, long-lasting colors that won’t wear out. 

Here’s why sublimation printing is great for your uniforms and sportswear:

#1. It’s 100% customizable.

Our in-house graphic design team can customize any design or pattern onto your uniforms, for little to no extra cost (we usually charge a design fee ONLY on complex orders: most of our customers pay no design fee at all). 

Need your sponsor’s logo, your team name, and each player’s name on the jerseys? No worries, we can handle it all. Our designers make sure each product is attractive and professional.

#2. There are low to no order minimums.

 Unlike screenprinting where you need to pay for the cost of individual screens for each color, sublimation printing requires no custom screens. We transfer images from our computer straight to our printer and heat press machines.

This also means we can offer low to no order minimums – only need five or six shirts for your team? We can easily handle smaller scale orders,  meaning you don’t have to purchase a ton of extra jerseys you don’t need just to meet the order minimum. 

#3. It’s long-lasting and durable.

Sports jerseys and uniforms have to go through a lot, from grass and mud stains to sweat to repeated washings. You can be sure that your sublimation printed products will stay vibrant for a long time, even after the season ends. When products are sublimation printed, the ink is heated into a vapor that permeates the fabric, meaning it stays bright and vibrant longer.

#4. It’s comfortable and practical.

The fabrics we use for our sublimation printed products are comfortable and practical for active sports players. We have a range of different fabric types and weights, depending on your needs and sport. Many of them are sweat-wicking, keeping you cool and dry even during the most intense game. 

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